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Town Clerk/Receiver

Alecia Barrett

Town Clerk
3311 Wende Road
Alden, NY 14004
Phone: (716) 937-6969 x2

First Deputy Town Clerk

Linda J. Marzolf
Phone: (716) 937-6969 x2

Second Deputy Town Clerk

Lisa Pritikin
Phone: (716) 937-6969 x2

The Town Clerk's Office is open for regular business Monday - Friday, 9am - 4:30pm. Closed for lunch from Noon-1pm

Your health and safety is important to us. We have contactless ways of paying your bills and licenses.

Property Taxes:

Property Tax Bills are now online. You may view and print property tax bills or retrieve property tax histories:

Enter Tax Bill Search

How to Pay Your Taxes:

The Alden Town Clerk is responsible for the collection of the Town/County Taxes and the School Taxes for those school districts which are located within the Town of Alden and the Akron Central Schools.

Taxes can be paid by mail to the Alden Town Hall, with a personal check, bank draft or money order made out to the Alden Town Clerk. If you request a receipt, it will be issued by return mail.

If you pay your taxes in person, you can make the payment at the Alden Town Hall or you can make the payment at the Alden State Bank. If you are paying in cash, please make your payment at the Alden State Bank. To make payment at the bank, take your tax bill and payment (cash or check) to any teller during regular banking hours.

Payment Online - visit, enter your bill number and the amount of the payment and while not required your email would be appreciated. Drop box is available to the right of the front door at the Town Hall after hours.


Mailed payments are accepted without penalty only if the envelope bears a United States Post Office Postal mark as payment date. In accordance with New York State Real Property Tax Law and the Erie County Tax Act there are "NO EXCEPTIONS."

Partial Payments:

Partial payments are accepted at the Town Clerk’s office only; any number of installments in any amount are permitted. Penalties and interest will be applied to any unpaid balance.

End of Tax Season

The Town of Alden Clerk's Office accepts payments for the Town/County taxes through June 30 and School Taxes through November 30. All payments after these dates must be forwarded to the following address:

Erie County Real Property
Director of Budget, Management & Finance
95 Franklin St. Room 100
Buffalo, New York 14202
(716) 858-8333

According to New York State Real Property Tax Law, property owners are responsible for all taxes, whether or not they receive a bill. If you did not receive a tax bill or if you have any questions please contact the Town Clerk's office at (716) 937-6969. Thank you.

Pay Your Property Tax Online:

The Town of Alden Clerk/Receiver, accepts accepting credit card payments for property taxes. Payments will be accepted until the tax warrant is closed and sent to Erie County. Partial payments are accepted. A processing fee will be added to your tax payment by the financial institution; all fees are assessed by the banking institution and are retained in total by the banking institution.

Pay Your Property Taxes Online

Dog Licenses

The Town of Alden Clerk/Receiver, accepts credit card payments for dog licenses. A processing fee will be added to your payment by the financial institution; all fees are assessed by the banking institution and are retained in total by the banking institution. Please email a copy of current rabies information to when you pay online.

Pay via online with the link below, drop box, mail or call the Clerk's office. For mail or drop box, please include registration fee, current rabies information and if you would like a receipt, a self addressed stamped envelope.

Click Here to pay dog licenses online 

The Town Clerk's Office maintains Town Board records and publishes notices of public hearings. As the Registrar, the Town Clerk keeps birth and death records, issues birth and death certificates and burial permits and conducts genealogical searches. The Town Clerk is an elected office with a four-year term. Deputies are appointed by the Town Clerk to assist in the duties of the office. The Town Clerk's Office also handles licenses, property tax payments, including town and county bills in January and school bills in September.

The Town Clerk provides the following services:

  • Dog Licenses
  • Hunting / Fishing Licenses
  • Marriage Licenses
  • Birth Certificates
  • Death Certificates
  • Genealogy Copies
  • Handicapped Parking Permits
  • Solicitors Permits
  • Freedom of Information
  • Public Meeting Minutes
  • Report Streetlight Outages

Marriage Licenses are issued by appointment only. For an appointment call (716) 937-6969 x2

Freedom of Information

The Freedom of Information Law (Public Officers Law, Article 6) is New York State’s principal statute on providing for public access to the records of government. The Records Access Officer is responsible for ensuring appropriate agency response to public requests for access to records.

If you wish to access a record under FOIL, you must make your request in writing and be very specific in describing the record(s) which you are interested in. The Town of Alden FOIL request form is available online, or in hard copy from the FOIL Office. Once a request is submitted, within 5 business days of receipt of the request, we will send an acknowledgment of the request and provide a date by which the information will be ready and the cost associated with your request. Photocopies of any information are charged at $0.25 per page. Requests should be submitted to: Town of Alden FOIL Office, 3311 Wende Road, Alden, New York 14004.

Certain records or portions thereof are excepted from disclosure under authority of Public Officers Law Section 87.2(a-1). If your FOIL request is denied due to one of these exceptions you may file an appeal to the Town Board/Town Attorney.

Freedom of Information Application