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Planning Board

The Planning Board made up of local citizens appointed by the Alden Town Board. The Board serves in an advisory capacity to the Alden Town Board on matters concerning subdivisions of land, site use plans, home occupancy permits, special use permits and the rezoning of property.

The Board meets on the second Tuesday of each month, in the Alden Town Hall at 7:00PM; all meetings are open to the public. Any items to be placed on the Planning Board’s agenda must be received by the 1st of the month. Applications for Planning Board Review are available in the Alden Building Inspector’s office; fees for these applications are variable.

Planning Board (each member serves a 5 year term)

Member Term Expires
Michael Dewitt, Chairman December 2024
Colleen Rogers, Member December 2026
Robert Meyer, Member December 2027
Matt Malecki, Member December 2028
F. Duane Conners, Member December 2025
Michaeline White, Secretary December 2024