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Board of Ethics

The Board of Ethics renders advisory opinions to Town employees on written request and upon request of the Town Board. The Board consists of at least three members, appointed annually by the Town Board; all of whom reside in the Town of Alden and who serve without compensation and at the pleasure of the Town Board of the Town of Alden. A majority of such members shall be persons other than Town employees but shall include at least one member who is an elected or appointed Town employee of the Town of Alden.

The opinions of the Board of Ethics are advisory and confidential and in no event shall the identity of the Town employee be disclosed except to authorized persons and agencies. Such opinions shall be on the advice of the counsel employed by the Board of Ethics, or if none, of the Town Attorney.

The Board of Ethics, upon its formation, shall promulgate its own rules and regulations as to its form and procedures and shall maintain appropriate records of its opinions and proceedings.

2023 Board of Ethics Members

Member Term Expires
Harry F Milligan December 2025
Richard D. Koelbl December 2024
Jean Weisbeck December 2026
William J Rogers December 2027
Nancy Mead December 2028