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Board of Assessment Review

The Board of Assessment Review (BAR) meets annually on the first Tuesday of June to hear complaints regarding property assessments and property exemption determinations. The BAR is a five member board comprised of local citizens, each member is appointed by the Town Board and serves a five year term of office.

All complaints heard by the Board of Review must be filed on New York State form RP-525, which are available from the Assessment Office. At the time of the hearing it is beneficial for property owners to provide the BAR with photos of the property, physical descriptions of all buildings and a list of similar properties (with assessments) located within the community. A property owner may contest a Board of Assessment Review decision by appealing to a Small Claims Assessment Review hearing or by filing suit in New York Supreme Court.

Assessment Review Board (each member serves a 5 year term)

Member Term Expires
Michael Dewitt September 2025
Jenny Gerhart September 2024
Stacey Lewandowski September 2026
Christie Cascio September 2027
Susan Hergenroder September 2028
Susan Schumacher, Secretary