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Dog Licenses

Now Available! Pay your dog licenses online!*

Click Here to pay dog licenses online

*Please email a copy of rabies information to when paying online

Dog licenses must be renewed annually. The costs are as follows:

Spayed/neutered - $10.00 {$9 town share; $1 NYS surcharge}

Non-spayed/neutered - $18.00 {$15 town share; $3 NYS surcharge}

Puppies must be licensed from the time they are 4 months old. Owners must provide an initial proof of rabies vaccination and then booster certifications every three years thereafter, as well as initial proof of spay/neutering for each licensed dog.

Rabies exemptions made by a Veterinarian will be good for 1 year from the date on the certificate and will need to be renewed yearly.

Dog Control Officer:

Robert Olsen

(716) 523-3491

For wild life animal control please call:

The DEC at (716) 851-7201 (Free)


Doug Bartlebaugh at (716) 937-9206 (owner expense involved)

Click here for Dog License Application