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Enhanced STAR Exemption

Turning 65 anytime in 2024? If you currently have the Basic STAR Exemption, you should now apply for the Enhanced STAR Exemption

New York State has made changes to the application process for the Enhanced STAR exemption. The Assessment Office will only process first time applications for Enhanced STAR. In the following years, the NYS Department of Taxation will verify income eligibility and applicants will not need to reapply for the exemption or provide copies of their tax returns to the Assessment Office. Renewing Enhanced Star exemptions is now processed by the NYS Department of Taxation. 

First time applicants for the Enhanced STAR exemption must file with the Assessment Office. Applicants must submit both the initial application, as well as, the Income Verification form and their 2022 FEDERAL INCOME TAX RETURN. If the owner did not file a 2022 income tax return, they must complete the STAR income worksheet. information. These forms are due to the Assessor's office no later then March 1st. 

The Enhanced STAR exemption applies only to school taxes and is for residential, owner occupied property of owners aged 65 or over. The maximum allowable income under this exemption is $98,700 {2022 FAGI minus taxable IRA payment}.

2023/24 Enhanced STAR Application