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Town Assessor

The Town of Newstead & Village of Akron conducted a re-valuation of ALL properties for the 2023 assessment year.  Change of Assessment notices were mailed our April 5, 2023.  It is the responsibility of the property owner to understand their new assessment. 

Final Roll has been posted below for 2023.   The Assessor, Tina Rados, will continue to meet with property owners that missed the deadline August - April 15th for next years tax roll.  (Letter included with the notice - click here)

To contest your assessment click on the 2023 Sales Comps below to find three homes comparable to your property. 




Tina M. Rados, Assessor

Julie Brady, Senior Clerk

Katie Bird, Clerk

5 Clarence Center Road
P.O. Box 227
Akron, NY 14001

Phone: (716) 542-4573, option 4                 
Fax: (716) 542-3702

Assessor's Hours:  Tues. & Thurs. 9:30 - 4:30pm



Taxe$, Taxe$, Taxe$ articles

 2023 Final Roll Part 1, Part 2, By Address

2023 Tentative Roll  Part 1Part 2,  By Address

2022 Final Roll   Part 1Part 2

2022 Tentative Roll   Part 1,   Part 2,

2021 Tentative Roll   Part 1Part 2

2021 Final Roll  Part 1, Part 2

EXEMPTIONS are due March 1st    

About the STAR program  

Available Exemptions and Forms

Considering Leasing Land to a Solar Energy Company? Do your homework! 

 It is our goal to treat all customers (taxpayers) in a fair and equitable manner while assessing each property at a uniform percent of value.   The Town of Newstead is now currently at 100% Equalization Rate for 2023.

 Important Dates

February 15th County/Town tax bills are mailed
March 15th County/Town tax bills are due
March 1st taxable status day
(all exemptions are due and property is valued as of this day)
May 1st tentative roll
(all assessments can be viewed)
4th Tuesday in May Grievance day (apply to Board of Assessment Review)
June 30th last day to pay County/Town tax to the Town Clerk
(after this day, payment must be made to Erie County)
July 1st final roll (no more changes to assessment roll)
September 15th School tax bills are mailed
October 15th School tax bills are due
November 30th last day to pay school tax to the Town Clerk
(after this day, payment must be made to Erie County)

These dates are NOT set by the Town of Newstead, but either by the State of New York or Erie County. We have no choice but to adhere to them.