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Radon Information

Did you know that the Akron-Newstead area is a High Risk area for Radon? Many People Don't. Radon is an odorless, tasteless, colorless, invisible, heavier than air, radioactive gas that is created by the decay of other radioactive elements. It normally escapes from shale, rock and soil. Erie County has been designated a high risk area and some recent tests in the Town of Newstead have indicated some areas of very high concentrations here. Since it is a “heavy” gas it tends to concentrate in lower areas of tight buildings particularly basements and first floor of new builds and recently remodeled older homes. Because radon is a very significant contributor to lung cancer and we live in a known higher exposure area it is strongly suggested that residents become familiar with the risks, mitigations and testing of radon in the home. Further information is available in the town hall and at the following websites:

Test kits are available commercially, on line or from New York State.

Application for Radon Test Kit

Build A Green Home-Radon Resistant New Construction

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