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Mortgage Escrow Information

If your mortgage company holds an escrow account from which your taxes are to be paid it is essential that you notify the Town Tax Collector or the Assessor’s Office of ANY changes that may occur for your property.

Over 50 financial institutions and/or tax service organizations service the residents of the Town of Newstead and the school districts. With today’s interest rates and the increased amount of real estate transactions and refinancing, it is very difficult for many of these organizations to keep their escrow request files current between tax cycles.

If you have recently sold or purchased property or refinanced your mortgage, even if it is with the same bank, PLEASE notify the town. With your help we can keep our files current and avoid tax bills being forwarded where they should not go.


Tax Collector Jennifer DiChristina at 542-4573, option 2

Assessor's Office at 542-4573, option 4

It is the responsibility of the property owner to contact the tax office if they have not received a tax bill in a timely manner. If you do not receive a tax bill and know you should be getting one, contact us as soon as possible. Residents will be responsible for any and all late fees if payment is not received on time, no matter what the reason is for late payment!