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Birth, Death & Marriage Records

The Newstead Town Clerk's office provides a vast amount of information for those trying to trace family trees or purely interested in history. Due to new standards set by New York State the general public may not have access to vital records, therefore, anyone interested in obtaining information must provide a written request to the Town Clerk's office with as much specific detailed information that they are searching for included. Then the Clerk's office will perform a search for that requested information and notify the requestor of their findings.   Below is a list of some of the information available:

Birth & Death Records dating from 1887 - present

(the birth or death must have occurred in the Town of Newstead)

Marriage Records dating from 1887 - present

(the license must have been issued in the Town of Newstead, but not necessarily married in the Town)

Burial Permit Records dating from 1915 - present

Board Meeting Minutes dating from 1872 - present

Several old land maps and Zoning maps