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Getting Started

Prior to filing an original Business Certificate, the filer should Search business names in the Clerk’s Office using the Online Public Search site to ensure that the desired name is still available.  A current list of filed Certificates is available for public review at the County Clerk's Office Basement Records.  In addition, we recommend that you search the New York State Corporation & Business Entity Database.

After checking on available names, 1 original signed and notarized Certificate is filed in the Clerk's Office.  The filing fee covers the filing, a certified copy for the filer's record and a certified copy for a business bank account.

Instructions for completing the form are written on the form. The names printed or typed on the form should be consistent; i.e., if middle initials are used, they should be included consistently throughout; the signature must match the name as shown.  Successor-in-Interest means “one who follows” another's interest in the property, especially a successor in ownership of a business that is carried on and controlled substantially as it was before the transfer. To determine the legal significance of operating a business as “Successor-in-Interest,” this office suggests that you consult with an attorney.