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Records Kept by the County Clerk

Record Period of Records Available
Birth Records

City of Buffalo
1881 to 1913
Building Loans Current 6 years
Certificate of Assumed Business Names (DBA) 1900 to present
Certificates of Partnership 1821 to present
Convictions (Felony) 1922 to present
Corporations 1809 to present
Court Records 1957 to present (Records dating to back to 1830 are retrievable upon request. Please allow 5-7 business days for processing.)
Deeds 1808 to present
Demolitions 1965 to present
Divorces (filed in Erie Co.) 1957 to present (Records dating to 1830 are retrievable upon request. Please allow 5-7 business days for processing.)
Hospital Liens Current 12 years
Index to Incompetents 1840 to 1947
Judgments 1952 to present
Lien for Common Charge 1977 to present
Marriage Records 1878 to April 29, 1935
Mechanic Liens Current 6 years
Military Discharges (filed in Erie County) 1919 to present
Miscellaneous Records 1808 to present
Mortgages 1840 to present
Naturalization Records 1827 to 1929
Notice of Pendency 1829 to present
Powers of Attorney 1860 to present
Redemption Certificates -- Recorded with Deeds 1947 to present
Release of Estate Tax Liens 1904 to present
State Tax Warrants Current 20 years
Tax Delinquency - In Rem Proceedings 1943 to present
Uniform Commercial Codes Current 5 years
Wage Assignments Current 6 years
Welfare Liens Current 6 years