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Divorce Records

Matrimonial Records are sealed pursuant to New York State Law for 100 years and can only be released to the plaintiff, defendant or attorney(s) of record. A person who is not a party to a divorce or attorney for a party may only review the file with a court order.

The person requesting such records must provide proper identification. In requesting the records, it is helpful to have as much information as possible such as the index number, the type of record sought, a filing date and the name of the parties.

To request a copy of any sealed records, you will need to send your request in a written and notarized statement, with a check for the cost of the search and the certified copy of the records. The search charge for digitized records (after 1988) is $5 for every two years searched, for manual records the charge is $10 for every two years. The critical date is NOT the date of judgment, but the date of commencement of the action. Unless you can provide an Index number, YOU WILL BE CHARGED FOR A SEARCH.

Please contact the Erie County Family Court directly for Family Court judgments, i.e., child custody and support orders.