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Civil Actions

A civil action represents a law suit of one or more parties, including business entities, or against one or more other parties, including business entities. Index numbers are assigned to indicate and identify the file in which the record is kept; all documents filed MUST be identified with the same index number. If you do not know the Index Number assigned to a particular action, you may request a search by this office; a fee of $5 for every two years against each individual name will be charged. Index numbers are assigned only to those actions and proceedings issued by the New York State Supreme Court or the Erie County Courts.

The cost of obtaining an Index Number is $210.00. Checks should be made payable to the Erie County Clerk. An application for an Index Number can be obtained in the Clerk's Actions and Proceedings Department or by clicking below:

If a Request for Judicial Intervention pertains to a commercial transaction, a Commercial Division Certification must be completed. The form for this Certification can also be obtained in the Actions and Proceedings Section of the County Clerk's Office.

The fee for a Request for Judicial Intervention (RJI) is $95.00.

Filing for Divorce

Free packets on how to file for uncontested divorce are available at the Chief Clerk's Office ground level at 25 Delaware Avenue, 77 West Eagle at the Court Resource Center or online by going to

Additional Information

All instruments filed with the Erie County Clerk's Office must bear original signatures. Information about court dates, jury duty, bail bond hearings or small claims is provided by the respective courts. Telephone numbers can be obtained in the blue pages of your telephone directory.