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Mortgage Discharges

The County Clerk's Office records a Discharge or Satisfaction of Mortgage when the original document is complete, correct as to the name of the last mortgagee of record, and the appropriate fee for recording is presented.  Discharges of Mortgage are generally prepared by the bank or mortgagee holding the mortgage.  

The recording fee for filing a Discharge of Mortgage is $45 plus $5.00 per printed page or portion of a page, plus $.50 for a linked reference to the original mortgage, for a minimum of $50.50.  If the mortgage was consolidated, there will be a charge for reference to all of the mortgages and the cost of recording will be increased as a result of the linked references to additional recorded document (“mark-offs).”   Checks should be made payable to the Erie County Clerk's Office, and the document may be delivered in person or by mail or other carrier.  No receipt will be returned unless a self-addressed stamped return envelope is provided. 

Whether or not a receipt is requested at the time of recording, a Discharge of Mortgage must indicate where the Clerk's Office should return the original Discharge and a stamped, self-addressed legal-sized envelope is requested for return of the original Discharge.  If immediate confirmation of the Discharge is required or requested, a copy of the Discharge must be provided as well as a self-addressed stamped return envelope; the enclosed copy will be stamped ”FILED” with the date.