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Duly Authorized Instructor list

Pursuant to New York State Penal Law § 400.00(19), all applicants for a New York State Concealed Carry Pistol Permit must complete a minimum of sixteen (16) hours of in-person live curriculum firearm safety training and two (2) hours of live-fire range training course. All Erie County residents wishing to apply for a New York State Concealed Carry Pistol Permit will be required to submit an Offical Certification of Completion of Training Form with their application.  This Certification of Completion must have a valid Liber and Page listed from an approved Duly Authorized Instructor in Erie County Clerk's Office or it will be deemed unacceptable.

The list of individuals below have been deemed approved as Duly Authorized Instructors, by the Licensing Officer in Erie County and have requested to be listed below.  This list is not limited to or an endorsement of any particular instructor by the Erie County Clerk's Office.  It is merely a way for applicants to find approved Duly Authorized Instructors in Erie County.

Instructor Phone Email Website
Alpha CCW Training 585-414-5207 Website
APS 716-248-2664 Website
Armstrongs Armory 716-395-6483 Website
Asg Fitness & Outdoor LLC 716-650-0196 Website
Ballista Firearms Training 716-422-0202 Website
Bill Mackey 716-539-0038 N/A
Bison Defense, LLC N/A Website
Bob Florek 716-364-3131 N/A
Bradley Jones 716-249-2043 N/A
Criminal Justice Professionals Training and Consulting, LLC 716-322-1994 Website
David Knowl / PistolWNY 716-400-4351 N/A
Defensive Response Training 716-912-2540 N/A
Defensor, Inc 716-228-0906 Website
Delta Firearms Training 585-268-7322 Website
Dens Gun Shop 716-331-6755 N/A
Don’s Security Services, Inc. (DSS) 716-685-4265 N/A
Double Up Tactical 716-465-4765 N/A N/A
Douglas Boris -Firearms Instruction N/A N/A
Final Stop Security Inc 716-768-2485 N/A
Firearms and Safety Training 716-587-1844 Website
Firearms Training FYSA, LLC 716-553-3108 Website
Firearms Training of WNY 716-903-2558 Website
Firelink EPS 716-697-3367 Website
Forseti Protection Group N/A Website
Hammer Down Firearms Training 585-340-7525 Website
High Caliber Services, LLC 716-462-0482 Website
Iron Sight Firearms Training 716-316-6114 Website
Jaye Pratt N/A N/A
Joseph A. Carriero 716-877-6829 N/A
LGSNY INC/LiVecchi's Gun Sales N/A Website
Louis Spacone 716-930-2175 N/A
Majeed Guns & Firearms School 203-887-8368 Website
Michael A Foti 716-864-5897 Website
Michael E. Muroff Firearm Training 716-553-6431 Website
Michael Rehberg 585-406-6758 Website
No Paces Safety Club 716-770-5054 Website
On Target Gun Sales Inc 716-864-4438 Website
Pistol Permit Courses of WNY 716-622-4759 Website
Public Safety and Education (PS&Ed) 315-567-9268 Website
Robert E Garneir ll 716-874-9519 N/A
Robert Erhardt 716-907-3774 N/A
Rochester Personal Defense 585-406-6758 Website
Rochester Personal Defense, LLC 585-406-6758 Website
Roger Thompson 585-205-0172 N/A
Schifano’s Firearm Training Center 716-598-9411 Website
Shoot Smart Safely 716-800-9446 Website
Shooters Ready Training 716-830-3101 N/A N/A
Southern Tier Precision 315-727-7973 Website
Sugarbush Armory 585-708-4348 Website
Thomas Weisbeck 716-523-2758 N/A
Wilderness Bound, LLC 716-860-7918 N/A
William Chapman 716-912-5080 N/A
Wolcott Guns Inc. 716-901-7807 Website