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Amendments by Mail

Thank you for choosing to use the By Mail Amendment Request submission.  Failure to follow these steps properly may result in your request being delayed or rejected.  This is for plastic cardholders only and all submissions cost $5.00 

Each Request must be submitted by the permit holder themselves, meaning one form per permit holder is required and each would require a $5.00 payment

Step 1
Fill out the NYS PPB-5 Amendment Form and include it with your mail-in request.  Please don't forget to include your Pistol/Semi-Automatic Rifle License Number in the appropriate field and check all transaction types that apply to your request, if you do not see your transaction type use "Other" and write it in.  The cost is $5 regardless of how many changes.

Step 2
Gather all other supporting documents pertinent to the requested changes, these must also be include with your mail-in request

  • Acquired/Add (receipt needed)
  • Disposed/Remove (receipt needed)
  • Name Change - (legal documentation needed)

Step 3
If you wish to Co-Register and/or terminate a Co-Registrant, the new form must be used, notarized, and include with your mail-in request.

Step 4 
Mail to: 
Erie County Clerk’s Office
c/o Pistol Permit Dept
92 Franklin Street
Buffalo, NY  14202

Once we receive your request(s) and payment we will process your work and mail your updated permit and paperwork back to the address provided.  If your address is outdated please make sure that is part of your request