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Military Discharges

Filing Discharges

Which DD-214 to record? Veterans who served on active duty more than once, probably (should have) received a DD-214 for each period of

active service. It is the last one you received that you want to record. This should show your accumulated and total service.  It should also have all your decorations and awards.  If it doesn’t or something else is wrong, you need to get it corrected. Go to the Resource section on our front page.

Honorably discharged veterans of any one of the Armed Forces of the United States are entitled to record their Discharge Certificates (i.e., DD214, DD256, NOAA 5616, NGB-22) at the County Clerk's Office of the county where the veteran resides. There is no charge for recording the Certificates.

Certified copies of recorded discharges are made, free of charge, for veterans or their immediate families whenever needed.  A certified copy of a discharge certificate may be presented for any purpose in lieu of the original certificate.

To record a Discharge Certificate, you may mail or bring the original certificate to the County Clerk's Office. The original will be returned to you. There is no charge for filing or for certified copies.

Under law, the certificate or information contained therein may not be disclosed except to the veteran, spouse, dependent or child of the veteran, representative of the estate of the veteran or public official acting within the scope of employment, unless written authorization by the veteran is provided.

Veterans Peddler's Permit

Under New York State law, honorably-discharged veterans (or surviving spouses) are permitted to obtain a Peddler's Permit that can be used for the sale of items at various locations. You may apply by completing the application form in the Erie County Clerk’s Office, Basement Records. Current government-issued identification, proof of honorable discharge, and proof of residency is required, as well as two current “passport-type” photos. There is no fee for the permit. Please note that the town or city where you wish to conduct business may have additional permit or registration requirements for the type of items that you wish to sell.