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RECYCLING is picked up every other week with the northern part of the town and village being on "A" week schedule and the southern part of the town and village being on "B" week schedule. Please see the links to the recycling pick up map and annual recycling schedule below to determine whether your street/residence is an A week or B week for recycling.

In the event that there is a Monday holiday, collection may be delayed one day to Saturday. Please see the annual refuse/recycling pick up schedule below for dates that this may apply to.

RECYCLING CARTS: At the beginning of our contract with Modern in January of 2013, every residence in Akron-Newstead was delivered a 65 gallon recycling tote with a green flip-top lid. Those recycling totes are the property of the Town of Newstead and Village of Akron. They are assigned by micro-chipped numbers to specific residences and if a property is transferred to a new owner, the bin is to be left at the residence for the new owners! If you live in a mobile home park or multiple residence dwelling or commercial property, the owner of those properties are required to contract for garbage and recycling services on their own for their tenants benefit. If your current cart has broken, please contact the Highway Dept. at 542-5412. There may be a charge to replace the cart.

OTHER RECYCLING EVENTS: In May each year the Town and Village also hold one recycling event for household hazardous waste drop-off, electronics recycling, and document shredding for securely disposing of your sensitive paper documents. We also offer a tire drop-off event in April. For more information call the Town Hall at 542-4573, the Village Hall at 542-9636 or the Joint Highway Facility at 542-5412.  Acceptable electronics

Best Buy stores offer year round electronics recycling at all of their stores.  Click here for more information or visit