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Highway Department

Michael C. Bassanello

Michael C. Bassanello - Highway Superintendent

(term expires 12/31/2025)

Deputy Highway Supt.- Brian Lords

Rachel Kleparek - Secretary

12707 Clarence Center Rd
P.O. Box 227
Akron, NY 14001
Phone: (716) 542-5412   Fax: (716) 542-3467

Winter Hours:     Nov-May, Monday-Friday 6:30am-3:00pm 

Summer Hours:  May-Nov, Monday-Thursday 6:30am-4:30pm

When stopping at the Joint Facility all visitors are required to sign in at the front office before conducting business. 

Office hours for customer service or to pick up a recycling cart are: Mon-Fri, 9am-12pm. CRT Recycling Permits and Compost/Tire Permits can be obtained at the Joint Facility office or the Town Clerk's office with proof of residency (driver's license).

Composting Program

A compost permit must be obtained and presented by any town resident wishing to drop-off yard waste or pick up topsoil/wood chips from the Joint Facility. No waste will be received from any commercial or landscaping businesses nor are commercial or landscaping businesses allowed to pick up topsoil or wood chips from the facility. These are for town/village residents personal use only. Brush drop-off begins May 1st and ends on October 15th of every year. No drop-offs will be allowed during the winter months.

Recycling Cart charges: 96-gal cart-$75.00, 65-gal cart-$60.00, 35-gal cart-$55.00

If your cart is broken call 542-5412 and we will send someone out to attempt to repair it. If it is unable to be repaired there may be a charge to replace the cart.

Rebuild NY Now Article         NYS Highway Funding Article

The highway department maintains all town roads. It assists the county in plowing several roads each year in the town. The highway department maintains the various town park properties and mows several town owned cemeteries. The town does not pick up brush or trees.

Road Information:

The town has three types of roads. They are maintained by the Town, County and State of New York.

State roads are:

Route 5 (Main Road) and Route 93 (Akron/Lockport Road (Maple Road))

The following roads are Town Roads maintained, plowed and sanded by the Town Highway Department:

Ayers Rd (north & south), Berghorn Rd (east side), Billo Rd, Brackett Rd, Brucker Rd, Brunning Rd, Clair Dr, County Line Rd, Crego Rd, Downey Rd, Draper Rd, Dye Rd, Greenbush Rd (north of Swift Mills Rd), Havens Rd, Havenwood Dr, Hiller Rd, Howe Rd(to Davison Rd), Kathryn Dr, Kelkenberg Rd, Kirby Rd, Knapp Rd, Martin Rd, McNeeley Rd, Miland Rd, Mill Rd, Moore Rd, Sheila Dr, Steiner(old) Rd, Schurr Rd, Schutt Rd, Seihl Rd,  Stage Rd (from Crittenden to N Millgrove Rd) and Utley Rd (to Keller Rd). A portion of Pohl Rd is a town road but is maintained through an agreement with and by the Town of Alden.

The following roads are County Roads that are plowed and sanded by the Town Highway Department:

Barnum Rd, Bloomingdale Rd, Burdick Rd, Carney Rd, Cedar St, Clarence Center Rd, Crittenden Rd from East Ave to Route 33, Cummings Rd, Davison Rd, Dorsch Rd, Fletcher Rd, Greenbush Rd (south of Swift Mills Rd), Hake Rd, Hunts Corners Rd (to Sandhill Rd), Indian Falls Rd, Koepsel Rd, Meahl Rd, Nice Rd, Rapids Rd, Sandhill Rd, Scotland Rd, Stage Rd (from N Millgrove to Newstead-Clarence line), Steiner Rd, Swift Mills Rd, Tonawanda Creek Road and Utley Rd (to Hunts Corners Rd).

The County plows and maintains the following roads in the Town:

North Millgrove Rd, South Newstead Rd, Buckwheat Rd and Stage Rd west of North Millgrove Rd

Road Ditching:

Road ditching is done as needed and determined by the Highway Superintendent.  Please reference from the Town of Newstead’s road information whether your road is a County road, State road, or a Town road. 

For Erie County roads and ditches please notify Erie County at (716) 759-8328.
For New York State roads and ditches please notify NYS D.O.T. at (716) 632-3386.
For Town of Newstead roads and ditches please notify the Highway Dept. at (716) 542-5412.

As a reminder to our residents, please try to keep the ends of driveway culvert pipes clean of leaves, garbage, branches and yard debris.  This also means please do not throw your yard waste consisting of garbage, hanging baskets, yard debris, leaves, branches, clippings, plants, etc., in the ditches as these will cause interference with the actual water flow to smoothly run by and not impose flooding issues. Your assistance in cleaning and mowing your ditches is expected and appreciated.

Metal Pickup:

Metal goods are allowed to be put out with your regular trash twice per month as bulky items under the new refuse contract in 2023 but the town continues to perform a pickup, once annually, in the spring. All metal goods should be by the roadside before the start of the day. The specific dates are advertised in the local papers each year. We begin on Monday morning and continue until the town is picked up once. We DO NOT go back if you put your metal out after your road has been done. The dates for 2024 will be April 29th & 30th. 

Tire Drop Off:

The 2025 drop off will be Saturday, April 26th.

The 2024 drop off will be Saturday, April 27th. Tires are to be dropped off at the Joint Highway Facility between 9:00 am and 12:00 pm. The policies and procedures for this event were changed in 2019 and remain in effect.  Please see the new policy & procedures link here.  All new fees associated with the new procedures must be paid in advance of the event at the Town Clerks office at the Town Hall. You must have a filled out and signed Tire Drop-off Certification form with you the day of the event and a paid receipt from the Town Clerk's office if you were required to pre-pay any additional fees.

You are entitled to drop off 8 regular sized (up to 20") tires for free.  You can pay a $2.00 per tire fee for an additional 8 tires up to 20" for a total per address of 16 tires. 

Oversized tires will be taken only with the following fees and limits:

20.5"-22.5" tires- $10.00 per tire with a limit of 4 total

23"-24.5" tires- $13.00 per tire with a limit of 4 total

25"-26.5" tires- $16.00 per tire with a limit of 4 total

27"-28.5" tires- $19.00 per tire with a limit of 4 total

29"-30.5" tires- $21.00 per tire with a limit of 4 total

All tractor tires 31"& over- $25.00 per tire with a limit of 4 total