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Conservation Advisory Council


Clarence Nature Center Open House April 29, 2023 10am-12pm link to flyer

Town of Clarence Conservation Advisory Council Mission Statement

The Conservation Advisory Council (CAC) promotes conservation efforts in the Town of Clarence. The CAC is sought by Town officials for consultation on conservation issues and seeks to partner with citizens and volunteer groups to fulfill its mission and enhance the Town’s natural beauty and resources. The CAC has a wide and comprehensive view of conservation, which includes: protection and management of wildlife, forests, wetlands, parks and natural areas, to name a few.

CAC members are Town residents who volunteer for two year terms. For a detailed list of duties, see Chapter 7 of the Clarence Town Code. Our liaison Town Council member is Paul Shear.

Current Conservation Advisory Council (CAC) Members 




Cheryl Cantlon


Steve Diver


Linda Jenkin Costanzo


Charles Biegner


Dennis Londos


Joel Radder


Peg Walker


Ron Walkowiak


Bob Geiger

Town Councilman,Liasion to CAC


Conservation Advisory Council Minutes

Conservation Projects

If you are interested in volunteering your time towards a project, or want to learn more about the CAC, you are welcome to attend a future meeting. If you have ideas for conservation projects, please contact us!

Native Plantings

We encourage planting mostly native species in this region of western New York. Here's a list of native trees and shrubs.

Invasive Species

Here is a list of invasive species that should not be planted.

For alternatives to these, see Invasive Ornamental Plant Alternatives

Volunteer Waiver Form

This form is used for projects or work to be done on Town property:

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