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Brush Pickup

brush pickup

The Highway Department performs brush pickup per the schedule listed below. Brush is collected in a different section of the town each week during the months noted on the schedule. Please help to keep the Town of Clarence clean by not placing brush or any yard waste on the roads from December through April. Per the schedule, collection in your zone begins on a Monday morning.  Brush must be out on Sunday night to guarantee pickup. We do not stop at your street both days.

Brush should be placed parallel to the roadside in pieces not to exceed eight feet. (Do not place brush or leaves on the road, this creates a safety hazard). The Town of Clarence Highway Department does not pickup grass clippings, or any waste products such as railroad ties, fences, leafs in garbage bags or building debris.

Please do not put out your brush until your scheduled week of pickup.

During the winter months arrangements may be made if you have brush by calling 716-741-3210. This is for emergency purposes, i.e.: from a storm etc.


The Highway Department will be accepting residential brush at the Highway Department, 6185 Goodrich Road in the area clearly marked BRUSH ONLY. This should be clean yard brush only - no grass clippings, no garbage, large stumps, manufactured wood or any other non-organic materials are to be deposited in this area. Again, this is for Town of Clarence residents who may not want a pile of brush in front of their home and have the means to bring it to the Highway's drop off site.

Message:  The Town of Clarence Highway Department provides many services for the Town of Clarence Residents, including brush and leaf pick up. This service is for residents only. If you live on a street that borders the Town of Clarence, we cannot provide any highway services on your side of the road. Services are reserved for residents that pay a general Town of Clarence - General Fund and Highway Fund tax. Clarence Central School District does not provide any funding for our services, therefore does not qualify the household with brush or leaf pick-up service.  We receive many calls on this issue.

Below is the Town Code section on brush and debris not being placed on Town Roads.

No person shall throw or deposit or cause to be thrown or deposited any MSW, rubbish, bulk refuse, yard waste or brush in or upon any traveled portion of a public highway, street or place or on any property not owned or occupied by him within the Town of Clarence.