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Winter- Snow Removal, parking etc.

Town of Clarence Highway Department:  -741-3210

The Town of Clarence Highway Deparment has an employee assigned 24/7 in the winter months to watch the road contitions and we coordinate with all local agencies - State, and County to provide the safest roads as possible.  Most of the snowplow routes can be plowed in approximately four (4) hours after the snow stops.  The main and secondary roads are the priority for snow and ice removal, followed by all other roads that we maintain.   

Local Law No. 2: No Parking on any Town or County Roads in the Town of Clarence from November 1st thru April 30th during the hours from 1:00am to 7:00am. 

The Town of Clarence Highway Department will repair or replace mailboxes that are damaged by the snow plows or during construction. We do not hit mailboxes on purpose. In most cases, the weight of the snow coming off the plow damages the box. We replace mailboxes with a standard mailbox consisting of a wooden post and a metal mailbox that are approved by the Postmaster General. We cannot replace vanity or masonry. If the mailbox post needs to be replaced, in most cases we will make a temporary repair and install a brand new post and box in the Spring, after our plow operations are done for the season.

The Town Highway also plows some of the County roads in the Town of Clarence. 

Town Code on Snowplowing/Snow Removal

Town Code on Sidewalks to be kept clear.