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Gifts of the Past, Present and Future

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With your help, The Clarence Arboretum will become a reality.

Plan now to participate in this enduring gift to future generations

Ar-bo-re-tum n.

  1. A place where many kinds of trees and shrubs are grown for exhibition or study; hence
  2. a wooded public park

Treasures from the past

The Town of Clarence, Erie County's oldest town, encompasses 52 square miles. In what is now called Clarence Hollow, Asa Ransom built the first grist mill and tavern in western New York in 1807. Farms gradually sprung up in the area and stone walls, some dating from the early 1800s remain throughout the town as monuments to our history. A log cabin built by the Landow family in 1815 has been moved and preserved as part of the Clarence Historical Museum. All of these structures are treasures from the past.

Enriching and preserving the character of our town

The new public library, located adjacent to the Clarence Town Hall and adjoining the Town Place Park, is a vital community resource for all ages. The on-going Rails-to-Trails project, potentially linking all the recreational facilities within the Town of Clarence, and our Conservation Easement Project: are representative of a commitment to retain and enjoy the extensive "green space" which we so value.

An enduring gift for future generations

The Town of Clarence has begun the development of an enduring gift to future generations - an 18-acre arboretum. Located on a triangular tract of land immediately north of the Town Hall, it will include over 57 varieties of specimen-quality, native trees, grouped by species, in a setting of two ponds -with winding pathways, two bridges, several benches, and a gazebo. Designed for strolling, education and observation, this exceptional project offers individuals, organizations and businesses the opportunity to participate and to be recognized in providing an enduring gift to future generations.