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Weapons and Ordnance


The Erie County Sheriff’s Office Weapons & Ordnance Unit is comprised of several specialized teams that work cohesively to respond to call-outs and collect, store and destroy seized weapons, munitions, explosives, and illegally possessed military ordnance.

This unit consists of SWAT team and Bomb Squad members, who are also firearms instructors. The deputies assigned to the Weapons and Ordnance Unit qualify and train hundreds of law enforcement personnel within the Sheriff’s Office, along with other counties, towns, and village agencies in the use of their assigned firearms.

Along with their training duties and safely storing firearms seized from criminals, the unit maintains records for the Office’s protective vests and issues the vests to sworn officers.  In 2014, the unit issued nearly new 70 vests to Deputies whose vests were set to expire.

2014 Stats:

WEAPONS SURRENDERED              260

WEAPONS RETURNED                     88

TRAINED - ROAD PATROL            1960


47 HOUR COURSE - #TRAINED        86 (4057 hrs.)