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Administrative Services Division

The Administrative Services Division provides support services for all Divisions of the Erie County Sheriff's Office.

Payroll - Personnel - Pre- Employment - Absentee Control - Reception - Budget - Purchasing - Accounts Receivable/Payable - Grant Management - Fleet Administration - Foil (Freedom of Information Law) -

Administrative Services furnishes all benefits to the more than 1000 employees of the Sheriff's Office. The Erie County Sheriff's Office is an equal opportunity employer.

It is the responsibility of the Administrative Services Division to ensure that all regulations are enforced.

The Administrative Coordinator/Staff:

  • Develops the departmental budget in cooperation with division heads and for approval of the Sheriff
  • Administers purchasing procedures
  • Supervises the processing of personnel and the maintenance of personnel records
  • Supervises budget control and administration
  • Assists employees with retirement benefits,
  • Compiles statistics for the Equal Employment Opportunity Division,
  • Maintains time and attendance records for both full-and part-time employees,
  • Responds to employment inquires, and
  • Handles United Way Cards, savings bonds, and employment verification.

Grant Management

The staff oversees projects within the Sheriff's Office that are funded by state and federal grant monies.

Budget and Purchasing

This Division prepares monitors and reports on the entire budget for the Sheriff's office.

The staff administers revenues generated by all divisions, including: 

  • Civil Process fees:
  • Driving While Intoxicated monies,
  • auctioned vehicles and property,
  • inmate cell rental opportunities, and
  • participation by the Holding Center in the federal school lunch program.

The unit also controls monies received from Police Service Contracts between the Sheriff's Office and Erie County villages for intensified police services.

Fleet Administration

The Fleet Office is responsible for the maintenance of marked and unmarked vehicles, motorcycles, boats, and snowmobiles. The Fleet supervisor has both administrative as well as hands-on Duties to perform in order to keep the vehicle fleet operational and ready to respond to any emergency. The fleet consists of specially adapted cars, trucks, trailers and vans that are fully equipped to perform their law enforcement mission.

Fleet maintenance provides for the preparation of vehicle specifications required in the bidding process and makes all necessary preparations for vehicle marking, decals, radio and emergency lighting installation once the vehicle is purchased.

Every vehicle in the fleet is subjected to regularly scheduled preventative maintenance checks in order to assure dependability as well as minimize costly repairs through early detection and correction.

The Fleet Supervisor also is required to make budget recommendations to the Chief of Administrative Services regarding Fleet operating cost.

Freedom of Information Law (Foil)

A (FOIL) Records Access Officer will process requests from the public under the Freedom of Information Law.

Send requests to:

Erie County Sheriff's Office

(FOIL) Records Access Officer

10 Delaware Avenue

Buffalo, New York 14202