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Dog Control

Dog Control Officer - Andrew DeYoung
cell phone number - (716) 574-0488

Deputy Dog Control Officer - Corissa Decker
cell phone number - (716) 395-9922

  • Erie County Rabies Clinics
  • Genesee County Rabies Clinics

The town enforces dog control issues only, not animal control issues. If you have a problem with a skunk, raccoon, etc. you need to call a private exterminator. If you want to report a dead deer on the roadside please contact the appropriate transportation department depending on whether it is located on a town road(542-5412), county road(759-8328) or state highway(847-3131).

Dog licenses are due annually in the month in which the dog was originally licensed. NYS law requires all dogs to be licensed and wear a town issued license identification tag.  If your dog has died or you have moved out of the town/village you MUST call the Town Clerk's office at 542-4573, option 2 to report the dog deceased or gone from our jurisdiction. Also, if your phone number or contact information has changed please notify the Town Clerk's office within 30 days. Dog licenses that go more than 2 months without renewal will be subject to a court summons and fines and double the original license fee at 3 months in arrears. For more information on the Town of Newstead Dog Laws please click on the links below: