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Gas Tax Calculator

Cost to Customer
  Taxes 1 Gallon Gallons Federal Excise Tax $0.1840   Tax Breakdown
Publication 908 NYS Petroleum Business Tax $0.1730   Municipality 1 Gallon Gallons
Publication 908 NYS Petroleum Testing Fee $0.0005   Federal Tax
Publication 908 NYS Excise Tax $0.0800   NYS Taxes
Publication 718-F NYS Sales Tax $0.0800   Erie County Tax
Publication 718-F Erie County (Local) Tax (4.75% on Taxable Receipt)   Total
  Taxes on 1 Gallon          
  Total Taxes          

Calculations are based on data received from a combination of Federal, State, and Local sources, and are intended to provide an informed estimation of actual gas taxes for the benefit of Erie County residents. While this Office endeavors to ensure that figures are correct and/or current, the Office of the Erie County Comptroller assumes no liability for any error or inaccuracy of such data.