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Filing a Quarterly Erie County Hotel Occupancy Tax Return and Paying Online

Erie County now offers hotel/motel establishments the opportunity to file your quarterly hotel occupancy tax return online, and to make your tax payment online via an ACH/eCheck or credit card payment.

There are convenience fees associated with the online payment, charged by the County’s online payment services provider, Hamer Enterprises.

Hamer’s convenience fees are as follows:

ACH/Electronic Check Fees

Check Amount Convenience Fee
Up to $5,000.00 $2.00
Above $5,000.00 $5.00

Credit Card Fees (American Express, Discover, Visa and MasterCard)

Transaction Amount Convenience Fee
$ 0.01 to $ 100.00 = $2.50
$100.01 to $ 200.00 = $5.00
$200.01 to $ 300.00 = $7.50
$300.01 to $ 400.00 = $10.00
$400.01 to $ 500.00 = $12.50
$500.01 or greater = 2.5% of total

To submit your quarterly hotel occupancy tax return and to make an online payment of the amount due, please click on the below icon:

Make an online payment

Users clicking this link will be directed to a secure web site of Hamer Enterprises to file your tax return and make an online payment.

PLEASE NOTE: AT THIS TIME, ONLINE SUBMISSION OF THE HOTEL OCCUPANCY TAX RETURN IS ONLY AVAILABLE IF YOU ARE PAYING ONLINE. If you are paying via paper check, please download the relevant hotel tax return at and complete and mail with your payment.