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Clerk-Treasurer's Office

The Clerk/Treasurer's Office exists to support the financial and administrative operations of the Village. It is headed by the Village Clerk (Jayne DeTine), and the Village Treasurer (Sarah B. Michel). Additional staff members aid in the daily operations of the office. 

The Clerk's office is responsible for maintaining all of the records of the village, collects all taxes and assessments and pays all claims, is required to produce for inspection the books, records and paper of the office. The Clerk must also keep an index of written notices of defective conditions on village streets, highways, bridges or sidewalks, and must bring these notices to the attention of the Village Board at the next board meeting or within 10 days after their receipt.

The Treasurer is the chief fiscal officer for the Village. The Treasurer maintains custody of all village funds, issues all checks, prepares all billings and budgets and prepares the annual report of village finances.

The Mayor with the approval of the Board of Trustees appoints the Clerk and Treasurer.

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