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Zoning Board

The Zoning Board is a decision making board with respect to variances to Village Zoning laws. The Board is subject Village laws and ordinances and laws and building codes of New York State. There are six members of the Board including one alternate member.

Zoning Board members are appointed for five-year terms. The Board is independent of any reporting relationship to the Mayor or Board of Trustees other than financial matters.

To appear before the Village Zoning Board, you should contact the Village Clerk three working days prior to each announced meeting. The Board meets when called together by the chairperson on an as needed basis.

Current Zoning Board appointments for the year [April 2023 – March 2024] are:

Chairperson: Timothy J. Morgan
Members: Nathan Witkowski
  Bethany Willis
  Mark Fogal
  Jacob Halleck
Alternate Member: Connor Borchert