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Powers of The Legislature

The County Legislature shall have, but not by way of limitation, the following powers and duties.

  • To make appropriations, levy taxes and incur indebtedness.
  • To exercise all powers of local legislation in relation to enacting, amending, repealing or rescinding local laws, legalizing acts, ordinances, or resolutions, subject to veto by the County Executive in such instances as are specifically provided in this charter.
  • By local law to adopt, amend and repeal an administrative code which shall set forth the details of administration of the county government in harmony with the provisions of this Charter and may contain revisions, simplification, consolidations, codifications and restatements of special laws, local laws, ordinances, resolutions, rules and regulations consistent with this charter.
  • By local law to create, alter, combine or abolish county administrative units not headed by elected officers.
  • To adopt by resolution all necessary rules and regulations for its conduct and procedure.
  • To fix the compensation of all officers and employees paid from county funds, except members of the judiciary.
  • To fix the amount of bonds of officers and employees paid from county funds.
  • To make such studies and investigations as it deems to be in the best interest of the county and in connection therewith to obtain professional and technical advice, appoint temporary advisory boards of citizens, subpoena witnesses, administer oaths and require the production of books, papers and other evidence deemed necessary or material to the study or inquiry.