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County Budget

Procedure for Adoption of Erie County Budget

One of the most important powers of the county legislature is to annually adopt the Erie County Budget. The county's fiscal year is January 1 - December 31. In adopting the budget, the legislature, in part, makes appropriations, levies taxes and incurs indebtedness.

On or before the 15th day of October each year, the county executive must submit a tentative budget for the ensuing fiscal year, a financial forecast for the two (2) subsequent years, a capital program for the next six (6) fiscal years and an accompanying message. Upon receipt of the tentative budget, the county legislature's budget committee schedules hearings to consider proposed amendments to the county executive's recommendations. Amendments that add or increase items are subject to approval by the county executive. Decreases made by the legislature are not.

The report of the budget committee to the legislature must lay on the table of the legislature at least 48 hours prior to the annual meeting to adopt the budget. The annual meeting to adopt the budget is typically held teh first week of December.

If the legislature adopts a budget without additions or increases, no further action by the county executive is required. However, if the budget adopted by the legislature contains additions or increases, it must be presented to the county executive for his or her consideration. If the county executive objects to one or more of the added or increased items he must inform the legislature so that they have an opportunity to override his veto. Two-thirds of the voting membership is required to override a veto.

See the Erie County Charter and the Division of Budget and Management for additional information.

Adopted County Budgets