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Office of the Clerk of the Legislature

The Clerk of Legislature is an important position in the administration of the Erie County Legislature, and the proper functioning of County government, working closely with the Legislature Chair, District Legislators, and the Chiefs of Staff of the Majority and Minority Caucuses.

The Legislature Clerk also administers the election of a Chair of the Legislature, annually, at the reorganization session conducted at the first meeting of the year.

New York County Law requires the Legislature to appoint a Clerk, annually, to record and certify its deliberations on the numerous items that come before the body and acts as a clearing house following actions of the Legislature.

The Clerk is instrumental in the processing of Local Laws; Erie County and Sewer District Bonding documents/publication; New York State Legislature Home Rule requests; Property, Mortgage and School District tax warrants; annual deliberation and adoption of the County budget; as well as other ministerial actions prescribed by law.

The Clerk, and staff, prepare agendas for legislative meetings, prepare reports of actions of committees, distribute meeting notices, officiate public hearings, handle inquiries from the public and officials, maintain the Legislature's website, prepare the official minutes of the Legislature and its proceedings, and maintain the archive of legislative documents.  A staff of administrative assistants help to fulfill this objective.

Previous Clerks of the Legislature

Deyoung, Benjamin Newstead 1968-1971
Gibson, Wallace J. Clarence 1979
Graber, Robert M. Buffalo 2006-2014; 2018-2023
Hennessy, James E. Buffalo 1972-1976
Kelley, Kevin M. Buffalo 2004-2006
Kroll, Scott W. Orchard Park 2014
Manzella, Laurie A. West Seneca 1994-2004
McCarthy, Karen M. Cheektowaga 2014-2017
Newcomb, Terrance B. Newstead 1980
Owens, Olivia M. Buffalo 2023-
Pigott, Eugene F. Buffalo 1978
Reynolds, Thomas M. Concord 1980-1981
Scibilia, Roseann Buffalo 1987-1994
Swarts, David J. Elma 1982-1986
Tokasz, Paul A. Buffalo 1977