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Service Objectives

  • To present evidence to the Grand Jury in felony cases.
  • To prosecute cases in the 12 City Court criminal courts for misdemeanors and other offenses originating in the City of Buffalo.
  • To prosecute cases in the 38 Justice Criminal Courts for misdemeanors and other offenses originating in Erie County cities, towns and villages outside the City of Buffalo.
  • To prosecute felony offenses in Superior Court that includes career criminal cases and major violent offenses.
  • To investigate and prosecute assault, rape and sexual abuse cases.
  • To manage, investigate and prosecute felony and misdemeanor level cases of domestic violence.
  • To promote community outreach and education in abuse prevention
  • To provide supportive services to victims and witnesses of crime through counseling, referral service and community education.
  • To conduct special investigations and prosecute cases of public corruption, white-collar crime, tax fraud and arson.
  • To investigate and prosecute welfare fraud, food stamp fraud and criminal non-support cases To initiate, investigate and prosecute narcotics cases.
  • To initiate, investigate and process asset forfeiture actions To conduct post-trial proceedings and file appeals cases to county, state and federal appeals courts.
  • To process federal Habeas Corpus proceedings.
  • Effectively utilize grant funding to provide this Office with the ability to devote more prosecutors and support staff for enhanced prosecution efforts and best serve the needs of this County.
  • To investigate and prosecute vehicular crimes.
  • To assist law enforcement in making a crime scene determination in an auto accident.
  • To train law enforcement on new vehicular crime law and technology in investigating vehicular crimes.
  • To work with S.T.O.P. DWI by providing monthly statistics and case dispositions to aid them with fine tracking. Also assist them with legal issues, such as conducting a constitutionally valid DWI checkpoint.
04/14/2022 - 4:18 pm