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Legal Training

Community Prosecution and Training oversees all legal training on behalf of the District Attorney's Office and aims to proactively address public safety concerns and solve quality of life issues that impact people in our communities.


In the Erie County DA's Office, an Assistant District Attorney will undergo training prior to their first day and will continue their legal education throughout their career as a prosecutor. All legal training is overseen by Chief Colleen Curtin Gable. In addition to providing continuing legal education to our staff, our office also coordinates training with our local law enforcement agencies and the police academy.

In 2019, New York State Assembly and Senate passed a comprehensive criminal justice reform legislation relative to issues of bail, discovery and speedy trial. Prior to the reforms going into effect on January 1, 2020, our office proactively implemented new protocols and procedure changes to comply with the newly enacted legislation. Our office also educated prosecutors and law enforcement agencies and participated in statewide committees and community forums on criminal justice reform legislation.

Continuing Legal Education Programs

Implicit Bias Training Course

Trial Board

Ahead of a scheduled jury trial, the assigned Assistant District Attorneys present their case before the office's Trial Board, which consists of their Bureau Chief, Senior Trial Counsel and other experienced prosecutors. The trial board offers constructive feedback to ensure the just prosecution of the case. 

Chief Colleen Curtin Gable serves as Senior Trial Counsel for the office to provide mentorship to Assistant District Attorneys on all aspects of trial work. After the Trial Board meeting, Senior Trial Counsel works closely with the prosecutors and assists in the preparation of motions in limine, jury selection, opening statements, direct and cross examinations, summations and other issues that arise during trials. Senior Trial Counsel is also present in the courtroom, in an advisory role, while the trial is conducted.