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Grand Jury Bureau

grand jury

The Grand Jury is a secret proceeding where a group of citizens decide if the prosecutor has enough evidence to pursue a felony charge against a defendant. If the Grand Jury votes to indict the defendant, the felony case will proceed to Erie County Court or State Supreme Court. 

This bureau assists prosecutors in scheduling cases for Grand Jury presentation and works with the Office of the Commissioner of Jurors to ensure the smooth operation of the two Grand Juries empaneled each court term in Erie County.

The bureau, led by Chief Rachel Newton, advises prosecutors on presentation procedures and techniques. In addition to presenting cases to the Grand Jury, Chief Newton coordinates the work of stenographers who transcribe the proceedings, assists with Grand Jury empanelment, administers a legal charge and orients the Grand Jury officers regarding their duties, handles weekly Grand Jury reports and related administrative duties involving the preparation of indictments and dismissals for these reports.