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Town Clerk/Taxes

Town Clerk's Office

One Town Place

Clarence, NY 14031

PH: (716) 741-8938

FAX: (716) 406-2514

Hours: 8:30 am - 4:30 pm

Karen Hawes

Karen Hawes

Town Clerk


Click here for Tax Information or to view/pay your tax bill on line. Call the Town Clerk's Office at 716-741-8938 if you need further assistance.

The Town Clerk's Office is the center of the Town government. It is responsible for recording activities of the Town government and is the central depository of documents and papers vital to the lives of the townspeople. The office involves a great variety of duties and responsibilities. It is the central information center that helps and directs people to the proper location for the information they desire. The Town Clerk is an elected office with a four-year term. A Deputy(s) is appointed by the Town Clerk to assist in the duties of the office.

The Town Clerk attends all meetings of the Town Board and must keep a complete and accurate record of the proceedings of each meeting. The agenda is prepared on the Friday preceding the meeting. Any resident wishing to be placed on the agenda must notify the Town Clerk by the Friday before. A complete copy of all minutes dating back to 1904 are on file.

The Town Clerk and the Deputy Town Clerk are Notary Publics. We are available during normal business hours. Proper identification must be submitted and the person must sign their document in our presence. This service is free.