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Children: Goals and Potential Community Strategies and Initiatives

Goal 1: Children will grow up in a stable, safe, and supportive community

For all children to get the chance they truly deserve, they must grow up in a stable, safe and supportive community environment. Safety and stability, along with social and emotional support structures, are instrumental in a child’s ability to perform in school and fulfill his or her true potential. Sadly, many children in Erie County do not grow up in a stable, safe, and supportive community.

Potential Community Strategies and Initiatives
  1. Improve services by implementing evidence based models including Trauma Informed Care and Strengthening Families
  2. Focus on reducing gun violence using multi-pronged approach
  3. Internet safety education for children, youth and parents

Goal 2: Children will achieve comprehensive health

Comprehensive health and wellness are important for all people to be successful. The best way for individuals to become healthy adults is to maintain health and wellness throughout childhood and adolescence. However, many children today do not enjoy the physical and mental wellness needed to succeed. There are a variety of indicators which demonstrate the challenges these children are facing.

Potential Community Strategies and Initiatives
  1. Implement a countywide wellness initiative on healthy eating and physical activity, particularly in Erie County Parks
  2. Implement the Ages and Stages Questionnaire countywide to help identify social-emotional and developmental delays in young children and link families to available services to address delays
  3. Expanded training for early childhood teachers
  4. Convene Community stakeholders to adopt the National Infant and Toddler Collaborative

Goal 3: Children will realize their greatest potential

Many areas of life contribute to helping children achieve their greatest potential. The basic needs of food, clothing, and shelter must be met. Children must also grow up in safe, stable, and supportive communities free from abuse, maltreatment, and violent crime. Beyond these factors, however, children must also have good primary and secondary education in order to realize their greatest potential.

Potential Community Strategies and Initiatives
  1. Implement strategies that support student success at every stage of development, including convening a Community Impact Committee comprised of a cross section of community stakeholders
  2. Assess the availability of Universal Pre-K and student success throughout Erie County
  3. Create a Mindfulness Advisory Team to inform policy and practice that will support successful learning transitions for children, throughout their pre-K, elementary and secondary education