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Live Well Erie is a VISION to help every resident of Erie County achieve his or her full potential.  It uses five guiding principles to focus on nine broad goals across three populations: children, working families, and seniors.  One of the guiding principles is to maintain a clear focus on the social determinants of health - things like neighborhood resources, school quality, workplace safety, clean food, air and water, and social relationships, which are all critical factors that contribute to the overall health and well-being of individuals in a community.

With a clear focus on the guiding principles, Live Well Erie unites with diverse partners in the private, non-profit, academic, and philanthropic sectors to implement specific community strategies that will make meaningful improvements to peoples’ lives.  Finally, Live Well Erie applies sixteen data indicators to monitor progress towards the broad goals.

You can explore this website further to get more detailed information about the Live Well Erie guiding principles, the Live Well Erie goals for each of the three populations, the community strategies Live Well Erie will undertake to achieve the goals, and the indicators that will be used by Live Well Erie to measure progress towards the goals.  You can also visit the Partner page to become an official Live Well Erie Partner organization and join the Live Well Erie Task Force.  By working together, we hope all Erie County residents can truly LIVE WELL