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The Live Well Erie Model

LIVE WELL SAN DIEGO: In 2010, San Diego County (California) initiated an effort to support residents in a shared vision—building better health, living safely, and thriving. This effort was known as “Live Well San Diego.” Since then, approximately 387 recognized partners consisting of public, private, non-profit, health care, and philanthropic leaders and organizations have joined together to achieve more positive health outcomes and a greater quality of life for San Diego’s 3.3 million residents. Communities across the United States are embracing the Live Well model.

LIVE WELL WNY: A “Live Well” effort is already underway in Western New York with the use of a 3-4-50 framework for understanding and improving health behaviors and health outcomes in the region. The Population Health Collaborative, formerly P2, has launched Live Well WNY in an effort to focus on changing the three behaviors that result in dangerous health conditions and premature death for many Western New Yorkers.

LIVE WELL ERIE: Live Well Erie is similarly situated around a single vision—that the new Erie County will leave no one behind and residents will be healthier and better able to realize their full potential. Live Well Erie is meant to complement Live Well WNY by focusing on meaningful improvements in the social determinants of health. Live Well Erie will do this by focusing attention on three distinct populations: children, working families, and seniors. In this way, Erie County government can ensure its resources and efforts are focused on all residents during the course of their lives and in those areas government can most influence, while also aligning with the many partner organizations involved in Live Well WNY.