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Live Well Erie Partnership Pledge
Commitment of Partnership Participation

Statement of Purpose

Although a meaningful economic resurgence is taking hold in our community, County Executive Mark C. Poloncarz proclaimed in his 2019 State of the County Address that the new Erie County will leave no one behind, clearly recognizing the need to ensure that the growing prosperity in the region is more broadly shared. From this singular vision, Live Well Erie was born.

Live Well Erie is a collaborative vision in which Erie County government and our many partners will work together to develop community strategies to help residents be healthier and better able to realize their full potential. It is designed to focus on meaningful improvements in the social determinants of health and wellbeing in three populations: children, working families, and seniors. Live Well Erie has developed broad goals for each of the three populations. Data indicators have been identified to track progress towards the goals and monitor if the community strategies are working.

Erie County recognizes that this cannot be achieved solely by government. Achieving quality overall health and wellbeing for all of our residents can only be realized through the coordinated efforts of a broad base of community partners. Therefore, Live Well Erie will be implemented and sustained through the formation of a broad sector of community partnerships that will commit to focus attention on the three populations. In this way, Erie County government can ensure its resources and efforts are focused on all residents during the course of their lives, while also enhancing support for residents through strategic partnerships with organizations and stakeholders who are likewise invested in contributing to the overall health and wellbeing of all of our residents.

As a member of the Live Well Erie Community Partnership,

Pledges to:

  • Work collaboratively with all Live Well Erie community partners in an effort to adhere to the Live Well Erie Guiding Principles and successfully achieve the Live Well Erie Goals;
  • Actively participate in helping to identify, develop and coordinate resources and community strategies necessary to improve the health and wellbeing of Erie County residents;
  • Assist in tracking progress towards the Live Well Erie goals by monitoring the data indicators;
  • Attend, participate in, and promote Live Well Erie community meetings, working groups, and events.