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Virtual Classes

Welcome to our virtual registration page!

You may register for classes individually below. You will receive an email confirming your registration status after you register. This email will contain the information you need to join the class. 

This semester we will be livestreaming classes from a few of the senior centers and we are very excited. This is the first time we are offering this option. We ask that you please be patient and understanding if issues arise!

Check back regularly to see if we have added any classes to the schedule!

Date - Time Topic Course Description Instructor Location Category

2:00 PM
Gangsters & Organized Crime in Buffalo: History, Hits, & Headquarters

Close to Canada, Niagara Falls and Buffalo were perfect avenues
through which to transport booze, and Magaddino and his
Mafiosi maintained a stranglehold on the city until his death in
1974. Michael F. Rizzo will take us on a virtual tour of Buffalo’s
mafia exploits, everything from these brutal gangsters’ favorite
hangouts to secret underground tunnels to murder.


1 PM
A Young Woman’s Remembrances of the Civil War

Judy Buzby will take on the voice and costume of her Great
Great Aunt Harriet to tell you of Hatties’ remembrances of the
exciting events that occurred during the Civil War.

Judy Buzby

1 PM
Cooking with the Commish, Holiday Style!

Join our favorite Commissioner Angela Marinucci as she
shares some of her favorite holiday recipes that will have
everyone asking for seconds. She will even bring some
samples to taste. Bring your favorite recipes to share!

Angela Marinucci
Wellness and Personal Enrichment

10:30 AM
Google Photos

Google Photos is the cloud-based storage service that
allows users to save their photos online rather than on their
devices. Learn about how this service works, the positives
and negatives, and other useful features such as their
mobile app.(Class is two hours long.)

Brendan Chella

10:30 AM
Article 81 Guardianship

This presentation will provide the basics regarding MHL
81, how it works, and what is required of a person who is
appointed as an Article 81 Guardian.

Law and Finance

10:30 AM
Lab Results: What do Those Numbers Mean?

This is for anyone interested in learning more about
cholesterol and lipid profiles and how they affect our health.
We’ll learn about HDL, LDL, and triglycerides, how they
work in the body, and management options.

Suzanne Stoklosa
Wellness and Personal Enrichment

10:30 AM
The Cloud

In simple terms, the cloud is a place to store and access
data and programs over the internet instead of using your
computer’s hard drive. Join us to learn more about “The
Cloud” and how it can help you. (Class is two hours long.)

Brendan Chella

10 AM
Planning for Your Next Trip

Learn tips to make the most of your next stateside or international
trip. We’ll talk about things like booking flights and arranging
layovers to sneak in extra sightseeing at places, and important
things to learn about the culture of places you are visiting.

Wellness and Personal Enrichment