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                                             Says fuel costs still high, putting strain on household budgets


Members of the Erie County Legislature’s Republican Caucus today voted in support of extending limits on taxing gasoline and diesel fuel sales.  The proposal would exempt any Erie County gas tax over $2.00 per gallon.  The vote comes as the cost to fill up your tank remains high.

“We live in a highly taxed state.  Residents work hard for the wages they earn. New York then takes a lot of that.  So, anything we can do to make it a bit easier for families who are struggling right now, we should,” said Legislator Chris Greene

By limiting the tax on fuel sales to two dollars per gallon, Erie County residents would not pay a county tax on any amount above that two dollars per gallon.  This comes at a time when the cost of everything from groceries to basic goods and services has increased.

For every gallon of gasoline purchased, you pay a Federal Excise Tax, a NYS Petroleum Business Tax, a NYS Spill Tax, a Petroleum Testing Fee, a NYS Excise Tax, a NYS Sales Tax and an Erie County Sales Tax.  New York State previously suspended the excise and sales tax.  By capping the Erie County sales tax that helps to ease the pain at the pump.

Erie County lawmakers passed the measure 11-0.  New York State’s proposed budget allows local governments to elect a cents per gallon sales tax rate to take effect at the beginning of any sales tax quarter.  Erie County is requesting the Commissioner of Taxation and Finance to reduce the required 90-day notice for the resolution to 30 days.  Implementation would begin June, 2023 and extend to December 31, 2023.