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Greene resolution supporting suspension of New York State gas tax passes Legislature

Erie County Legislator Chris Greene’s resolution urging Governor Hochul to suspend the New York State gas tax cleared the Legislature with unanimous support at last Thursday’s session.

According to AAA, as of March 22, the average cost of a gallon of regular grade gasoline was $4.36 in New York State. Shortly after the Minority Caucus’ resolution passed the Erie County Legislature, the Governor announced that New York State will cut the gas tax by 16 cents per gallon from June 1 until the end of 2022 as part of this year’s budget.

Legislator Greene said, “Rising gas prices have caused financial stress for taxpayers who are already feeling the effects of inflation. Our resolution supported the suspension of the New York State gas tax, and I would like to look into what we can do to reduce the tax in Erie County.”

A copy of the resolution can be viewed here.