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Republican caucus resolution passes in Erie County Legislature

The Erie County Legislature today passed a resolution in opposition to Governor Kathy Hochul’s proposed ban on natural gas heating and appliances.  By a vote of 11-0 Erie County lawmakers rejected Albany’s plan to end the sale of new fossil powered heating equipment by 2030, calling the idea reckless and dangerous.

“We need to send a strong message to Albany,” said Legislator Christopher Greene (6th District).  “In a region with extreme weather patterns, we need multiple energy sources.  Natural gas was how many people survived during the recent storm.  I’m glad to have sponsored this resolution and happy to have legislature support.”

“Many of my constituents have been calling, very upset about the proposal to ban gas appliances,” said Minority Leader John Mills (11th District).  “They rely on their gas stoves and fireplaces during storms.  The grid can’t handle it.  Governor Hochul’s proposal would be terrible and deadly for our region.”

At least forty people died in the December blizzard.  Many of those victims had lost power in their homes.  Some even ventured out to find shelter elsewhere when they had no heat in their own homes.

“This proposal from the governor had disaster written all over it,” said Legislator Frank Todaro (8th District).  “This vote makes it clear.  Erie County residents want and need to have options when it comes to energy sources in their homes.  In many cases it can be a matter of life and death.”

The Climate Action Council concluded in a recent report that regions with frequent cold or adverse weather conditions need more than one heating source.

“It’s ridiculous to think we should rely on electric to heat our homes and operate our appliances.  The recent blizzard highlighted the fact we can’t count on the grid to work when we need it to,” said Legislator James Malczewski (10th District).  “I hope Albany hears this message loud and clear.  The vote was unanimous.  We need to be able to stay warm when the power goes out.”