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Whistleblower Hotline

whistleblower hotline 716-858-7722

As Comptroller, I established the Erie County Whistleblower Hotline, which is a telephone and e-mail tip line by which County employees, County contractors or members of the public can anonymously report possible abuse in County government.  Unfortunately, waste, fraud and abuse of county resources occurs more frequently than most people realize.  This misuse of tax dollars hurts everyone by reducing funds for county services like sheriff’s road patrols, street repairs, libraries, parks and more.

Now, as your County Executive, I am still just as committed to ensuring that Erie County operates with the highest level of integrity. 

If you see or suspect waste, fraud or abuse of county resources, don’t ignore it!  Please take a minute and report your suspicions to our Erie County Whistleblower Hotline. 

The Comptroller's Office promises to investigate every allegation of abuse submitted and will pursue any part that engages in wrongdoing against the County and you, the taxpayer.

All calls or e-mails to the tip lines go directly to the Erie County Comptroller’s Division of Audit and Control, where professional career auditors will investigate every report or allegation.

These tip lines compliment the  previously existing system in which anyone can anonymously report waste, fraud or abuse of taxpayer through the Comptroller's Office's webpage.

Report waste, fraud or abuse