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Corrections System

Our Victim/Witness advocates can assist you questions regarding the correctional process (i.e., probation, prison, parole). Specifically, this may include, but is not limited to, information/advocacy regarding the offender: 

Probation Status

Probation officer name and phone number

Restitution paid or owed

Community service placement (agency), offender attitude, hours completed vs. total

Victim impact statement as part of Pre-Sentence Investigation (PSI) report.

Prison Status

Inmate facility/placement

Conduct in prison - disciplinary problems, counseling, education initiatives, etc.

Notification procedures regarding inmate's release.

Parole Status

Parole officer name and phone number 

Parole eligibility and/or hearing date

Written victim impact statement and submission date

Oral statement to parole board

Notification procedures regarding above.

For further information, assistance, notification procedures and forms regarding probation, prison and/or parole, please contact the Victim/Witness staff at (716) 858-4640.