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Building Permits

The very first thing you must do to plan and implement a building project is to contact the Code Enforcement Officer to discuss your project.

Your project most likely will need approval by the Village Board, Planning Board or Zoning Board of Appeals. After you have discussed your building project with the Code Enforcement Officer, a building permit form needs to be completed, in duplicate, and submitted to the Village Hall along with the proper fee.

Fees are charged for permits and services related to building or property.

Building inspectors and electrical inspectors have to inspect your building project to be sure they meet Village and New York State codes. While you work on your project you will deal with people who are certified to do such inspections, be they employees of the Village or contract personnel.

Once the permit and fee have been received it will be prepared for the next Village Board meeting. Do not wait to the last minute to file a permit as this may delay timely approval. You may not start any work on a building project until you have an approved building permit or have been given permission to do so by the Code Enforcement Officer.

Note: Permit fees will be doubled if caught working without a permit.