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County Executive

The County Executive is the the Chief Executive Officer and administrative head of the County government, supervising each department. The County Executive is also the Chief Budget Officer of the County.

Mark Poloncarz, Erie County Executive

County Clerk

The Clerk's Office, including the Auto Bureau, processes more than 2 million transactions per year. All records for the purchase and sale of real property and numerous other public documents are recorded in this Office.

Michael P. Kearns, Erie County Clerk

County Comptroller

The Comptroller is Erie County's Chief Accounting and Reporting Officer, Chief Fiscal Officer and Chief Auditing Officer.

Dr. Kevin R. Hardwick, Erie County Comptroller

District Attorney

The District Attorney is Erie County's chief prosecutor, responsible for investigating crime, presenting evidence to the Grand Jury, and implementing the just prosecution of persons indicted for criminal offenses.

Michael J. Keane, Acting District Attorney

Erie County Sheriff

As the oldest constitutional law enforcement officer of the County, the Sheriff is charged with maintaining the peace in all municipalities, villages, and townships within his jurisdiction and the care and custody of persons pending court action. The Sheriff also serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the Courts.

John C. Garcia, Erie County Sheriff

Erie County Legislature

The Erie County Legislature is comprised of 11 Legislators, each representing approximately 82,000 citizens. The Legislature is responsible for enacting, amending, repealing or rescinding local laws, as well as making appropriations, levying taxes, and incurring indebtedness.

Erie County Legislature

Departments & Agencies

Directory of Erie County Departments & Agencies

Regional Municipalities in Erie County

Directory of official websites of municipalities in Erie County